Mystery Spoons

I am puzzled. That should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my posts. I found a hidden cache of spoons behind the plastic tray that is supposed to hold our silverware neatly in the drawer … except for that messy tangle of spoons behind the tray.


As I sorted out the new-found spoons, a mystery unfolded in front of my unbelieving eyes.

Why do we have so may different types of spoons? Take a look at this variety of tablespoons …


I know one of these was from our original set of silverware, but where did the others comes from? The one that is second from the right in the pic is my favorite, and if I recall correctly, we unearthed it from a sandbox at a house we owned 25 years ago. It is such a great spoon for soup, perfectly balanced, attractive, with just enough weight and a real nice shape. Please, no Weinsteinish accusations. I am talking about a spoon, nothing more.

And can someone tell me why we have a total of 26 tablespoons and only 9 teaspoons? Out of those 9 teaspoons, we have 7 different types.


Where did all the teaspoons from our original silverware set go? Where did those others come from? Is someone in our house stealing spoons from restaurants? Is that funky-shaped spoon in the middle of the group even a teaspoon? I have more questions than we have teaspoons.

At this point, I’m simply going to leave this as an unsolved mystery and a real head-scratcher. I have so many tablespoons, maybe I can turn one of those into an actual head-scratcher.



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