Another Musical Interlude

Sit back, take a break, and enjoy the latest tune from our musical collaboration (some say “supergroup”) called Sunsets Rising. It’s a song called “I Don’t Know Where The Sunset Goes,” and I wrote it during one of my frequent trips between Chicago and St Louis while watching the sun set. Not much else to do on that drive, although I am dying to stop at …

… the Atlanta Grain Elevator Museum along the way.

I think that website is the example they show in the dictionary as part of the definition for “bad website.” For the same reason I slow to look at car accidents, I have an interest in stopping by.

Where was I? Oh right, the new song. You can stream it for FREE (hey, that’s a good price) or download for 99 cents (less than you would spend at the Dollar Store) from our Sunsets Rising website that is slightly better than the Grain Elevator Museum website.

Just click on the music player, sit back and get your toe ready for some tappin’.


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