Mite Not Be Funny

At this point, you may have detected a pattern. Each weekend for the past 4, I have issued a cartoon about mites called “Mite Be Funny.” I am continually asked “Why?” Let’s just say that mite humor is not winning over my fan base. I started “Mite Be Funny” because I viewed the arachnid population as an under-served demographic when it comes to humor. Oh sure, there are plenty of spider jokes like …

Q: How do spiders communicate?

A: Through the World Wide Web.

Q: What do you call an undercover spider?

A: A spy-der.

But try and find some good jokes about other arachnids like scorpions, ticks and … mites. That’s my point. There is a huge open hole in the comedy world just waiting to be filled with mite humor.

But I needed to be sure, so I took to the streets with my 4 existing “Mite Be Funny” cartoons to date. My plan was to show them to 100 people to get their reaction. Why 100? Well, it just makes the percentages easier without having to do any math.

So I hit the streets armed with my 4 cartoons and a box of tissues in case people laughed so hard they cried. However, I was totally unprepared if someone’s side split. Here are the results:

  • 68% did not find the cartoons funny.

  • 18% brusquely pushed me aside.

  • 12% smiled wryly or were just dealing with gas. I’m not certain which.

  • 2% told me how important these cartoons were as they returned to their Orkin Pest Control truck.

Oh well, I can still use the tissues in my house. Despite the overwhelming tepidness of the replies, I do plan to continue. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Simpsons started off looking like this …


There is room for growth with “Mite Be Funny.” Just you wait until I have the mites tackling important issues like social inequality and regressive taxation, all from a hilarious mite-based perspective.

And most importantly, I may have just found a sponsor for this blog …


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