My Summer Concert Plans Have Turned Into a Tire Fire

See the black smoke? Smell the noxious fumes?

Tire Fire

That would be my summer concert plans burning. I have already scaled back my summer concert plans from 10 good shows to 5 free ones. Now those plans may have to be scaled back further to listening to my wife humming in the shower a few times this summer.

I was all set to follow-up seeing 80’s band The Romantics over the 4th of July by seeing current-era band The Decemberists with opening act Shakey Graves for FREE in Millennium Park in Chicago. Good bands, perfect venue, and a nice night … until one of my numerous daughters qualified to dance at some showcase event at a national dance contest … that night of the concert. Cross that concert off the list.

Next up, Weezer. Big name band. Well-reviewed recent album. No conflicting plans. FREE tickets courtesy of Ticketmaster. Now Ticketmaster doesn’t typically give anything away for free, and in fact I am waiting for a courtesy charge to be added for simply viewing their web-site, but thanks to some class action suit settlement, I am sitting on 17 pairs of free tickets to selected shows. No, I won’t be able to use them to enjoy shows like Hamilton, but they did allow me to score a free pair of general admission tix to Weezer in St Louis where I happened to be on business. In addition, the opening act was Panic At The Disco, which judging from the amount of t-shirts I saw at the concert, is immensely popular with young ladies.

Not popular with outdoor concert promoters is scary lightning, high winds and  torrential downpours that arrived just before Panic At The Disco took the stage. Panic in the crowd ensued as people rushed for cover. Concert canceled and perhaps rescheduled to a time I will surely not be in St Louis.

My Summer Concert Train continues to chug slowly through July, but is losing steam fast. Better chuck another tire on the fire for fuel.



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