Fantasy Meets Hurricane Reality

Each week I am changing my family league fantasy football team name and logo to tweak my Trump-loving relatives in the league. Last week, this guy’s mug was the logo for my team, the Mueller Marauders.

Mueller grimace

You can read the details HERE.

This week, I was stymied. I had a team name of the Sanders Raised Eyebrows planned, but there is a character limit on team names. “Mine is too long,” I said for the first time ever.

Sarah sanders eyes

However, I am happy with my alternate choice for this week.

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Trump Tweets SNL

Sadly, this was a real tweet from Donald Trump over the weekend …


This is NOT one of my joke Trump tweets, although I have found people have a difficult time distinguishing between my joke Trump tweets and the real ones.

This is the tweet that I had hoped SNL would have fired back to Trump …

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