Send in the Clones

Not sure what was up with the four bald dudes (bad name for a barbershop quartet) with Trump at yesterday’s press briefing on border security.

bald clones2

And did they miss a major portion of Trump’s head & face with the orange make-up or tanning cream or Cheeto dust or whatever he uses to get that unnatural burnt orange hue?

bald clones trump color.v1 (1)

Maybe we should demand he get his make-up correct before we consider giving him 5 billion dollars for a border wall.



Rick Perry Volunteers to Secure Borders in Advance of Papal Visit to USA

After withdrawing from the Republican presidential primary, former Texas Governor Rick Perry discovered that he didn’t have much on his plate anymore except waiting around for the felony charge pending against him to work it’s way through the court system. With a visit from Pope coming up, Perry decided to pitch in to get Texas ready for the Papal visit. The Pope is not scheduled to visit Texas, and Rick Perry aims to keep it that way. He’s lending a hand with inflatable fencing to ring the state with the goal to keep the Pontiff out.

Inflatable Anti-Papal Fence
Inflatable Anti-Papal Fence

“If the Pope sees the greatness of the state of Texas, he may just choose to settle here … illegally,” Perry suggested. He continued, “I mean, where he lives is full of Italians and he’s Hispanic. Why wouldn’t he choose Texas?”

When asked about the effectiveness of an inflatable fence, Perry replied, “He’s an older man, so these inflatable fences should be a cost-effective way to keep the Pope out, unless he brings his Vatican Guard to help storm the border.” Mr. Perry declined to comment on the likelihood that the Pope would fly into a Texas airport rather than walking or driving the Popemobile across the border.

Trump Unveils New Plan for Illegal Immigrants to Stay in USA

On the campaign trail today at a Misogynist Club luncheon in Cedar Hills, Iowa, Donald Trump unveiled a radical new plan that will allow illegal immigrants to stay in the USA while also helping keep our border secure.

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