A Winning & Losing Short Story

I find I do some of my best writing to visual prompts. An author friend sent me info on a contest writing to this painting.

Anyone who knows my writing might assume I would pen one of my typical chucklefest stories, chock full of juvenile humor in an effort to elicit guffaws and chortles. But not this time. I wrote a rather lengthy (for me) story I call “Small Town America,” and it is a straight crime story. Upon writing and submitting my first crime story ever, the biggest surprise was this …

Having finished second, I technically lost. However, I got a few bucks for coming in second, so getting cash is always a win for me.

If you would like to read “Small Town America” and be amazed at my ability to write over 5,000 words without using words like poop or fart even once, then click this link to go directly to my story. Also, please visit the main contest page to read the winning story and the third place story written by my author friend. It was a huge surprise that we both (especially me) won an award. I love her story. It is sad and beautiful, full of complex issues upon which one can ponder for days and never resolve. And if you are confused with us being shown as 2022 winners, the website just hasn’t been updated. It is 2023, and I guess I’m an award-winning author. Weird. Now, how do I get a prompt and send in a story for that Pulitzer Prize I’ve heard so much about?

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