New Music for Old Rockers – The Office Edition

I had heard this newish 2022 song from Mt. Joy before, and my reaction was always, “Meh.” It’s fine, but a little loose and messy for my taste. Now if it was a pie, then that would be a different story. I do like Mt. Joy music, and I have enjoyed seeing them perform live in concert. My fave Mt. Joy song, especially live, is “Astrovan.”

But this recent Mt. Joy song never really caught my attention until I watched the video at the urging of a local radio DJ. I call this post “The Office Edition.” Not because the video takes place in an office, but because the video features a former employee of The Office.

Yep, the music video stars Creed Bratton who played Creed Bratton on the US television series The Office. That’s also the same Creed Bratton who was a member of 60’s rock band the Grass Roots. I love how Mt. Joy pays homage to a former rocker by featuring him in their video. And is Creed announcing a return to his musical (Grass) roots at the end of the video?

For all you youngsters who have never heard of the Grass Roots, here’s a great video with, of all people, Jimmy Durante introducing the Grass Roots. Try and spot Creed Bratton as the Grass Roots lip-sync through my favorite hit of theirs.

That’s a very young Creed Bratton in the striped shirt on guitar lip-syncing the backing vocals. And check out the expression on his face during his “guitar solo” at about the 1:50 mark in the video. Pure Creed.

If you want more Creed, and who doesn’t, or if you can’t get enough Creed, and who can, here’s a little highlight reel from his days at The Office.

Wait, wasn’t this post supposed to be about a new Mt. Joy song?


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