Pitching Religion

My local baseball team, the Chicago White Sox, stink. I could accept that, except they were one of the favorites to win the World Series this season. Maybe as a last resort, the White Sox are hosting a Faith Night this Wednesday. The only thing that can save their season is if Jesus joined the team on Faith Night to lead the White Sox down the stretch to the World Series. And I’m not talking about center fielder Jesus Rodriguez getting promoted from the White Sox’s minor league team. I’m talking about the big JC. Except, there’s a problem.

While Jesus Christ may not make an error while playing the field, he’s a liability as a batter. He always wants to sacrifice himself. And if he does get on base, he’s never a threat to steal a base. I think the White Sox may be wiser to use him as a pitcher. Think of all the perfect games he could pitch.


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