Am I a Bad Golfer?

One week ago, I golfed for the first time in 23 years. I sometimes ask in posts on this blog if I’m a bad guy. I didn’t think I needed to ask if I’m a bad golfer. I was a bad golfer 23 years ago. Why would a 23 year abstinence change things? But I surprised myself that I hit more good shots (for me) than terrible shots. I was feeling pretty confident about my golf game. As I walked the fairway with another golfer from my foursome, I mentioned that I hadn’t golfed in 23 years and that he is welcome to deliver a punchline. I fully expected him to say, “I can tell.” Instead, he said, “In that case, you’re playing well after all these years.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to react. Maybe I am a good golfer. A few days later, I received an invitation to today’s golf date. I mentioned how surprised I was to get another invitation despite my atrocious golf game. Rather than another compliment, I heard, “It’s not about the golf.”

So, I am a bad golfer after all. But I’m also okay with that. It truly isn’t all about the golf.


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