Teeth vs. Lungs

In the past week, I went to the dentist and received bad news. I have 3 cavities. What I am, 10 years old and eating sugar all day?

I reluctantly made 2 appointments to have the cavities filled next month. But then I saw this news yesterday.

If you read the whole story, you will learn that it happened at a dentist in Wisconsin, so no great surprise there. But now I’m thinking, what do I value more, my teeth or lungs? How am I going to choose? If I lose my lungs, I can always go the iron lung route.

Or, what if I choose to go without teeth? Well, I could get dentures, grow a beard, and learn new party tricks.

It seems clear to me that losing my teeth is almost advantageous. No longer will I be limited to entertaining young and old alike with slick dance moves.

Unfortunately, my wife is not too keen on making all pureed meals. And it seems like softening my food will be a lot of work if I have to do it myself.

I’ll probably go to the dentist, but don’t expect me to be happy and all smiley about it.


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