Hol(e)y Moly!

We were extended a welcoming invitation to my wife’s sister’s home for Easter … or at least I thought we were. My brother-in-law keeps texting me pics of this that he is preparing in their backyard behind the garage.

That has me gravely concerned. I’m not digging the vibe I get from that pic. And why does he need to know my height?

I’m dying to see the family at Easter, but only figuratively. I have a (w)hole lot of concerns about going Sunday. I don’t want to resurrect any bad family feelings, but I also don’t want to keep my concerns buried. I had probably best lay out my feelings and see if we can put to death any issues that may be interred just below the surface of our family dynamics.

And if I do meet my ultimate fate on Sunday, there is some upside for you, the reader … Sunday’s Easter-themed Mite Be Funny will be the last one. And as for me, my many divergent views of the afterlife are on display in my award-winning book of short stories that you can view and purchase by clicking here.


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