A Lovely Holiday Game

Let’s play a game. Take a look at the table below.

Things Stuck in Body Orifices in 2021 per the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Body orificeitem stuck in orifice
EarSpork (Combination of Spoon & Fork)
NoseTwo Batteries
ThroatBilliard Ball
VaginaHello Kitty
RectumRubber Snake

This comes from an article in The Defector which offers a complete list aggregated from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports about emergency room procedures. But don’t link to it yet!!! We have to play the game first. The body orifices and items shown above are not matched correctly. Your job is to match them up properly. The answer follows if you continue reading.

Thanks for playing! If you matched them correctly, let me know and you may receive an award.

Doubtful. Don’t push it.


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