It’s That Time of the Year Again!

That’s right … it’s Apple Scab Season! I’ve been so consumed by campaigning for this upcoming election I’m in, I had almost forgotten about this magical time of the year. Fortunately, I received this reminder …

Oh, the memories I have of years past and the Apple Scab Festival. There’s the crowning of Miss Junior Apple Scab, the apple scab picking and eating contests, and the making of the apple scab pies. I’ll never forget that one year when there was an apple scab on display that was the spitting image of President Benjamin Harrison’s profile. Now that was an Apple Scab Festival I’ll never forget. We missed out on the festivities last year because of the pandemic. With restrictions easing a bit and vaccinations on the rise, maybe we can all get back to normal and enjoy the wonders of an Apple Scab season once again. I wish you good scabs on your apples.