Happy Belated Fake Holiday

I hate myself for missing another holiday, but I don’t blame myself. That’s right, I missed National Margarita Day. How can I be expected to remember a fake tropical drink holiday when there’s snow on the ground (not a euphemism)? I mean, there’s some effort required to prepare a margarita. It’s more work than me opening a beer and pouring it into a glass. Okay, just kidding about the glass. That doesn’t happen. If I’m going to the trouble to make a tropical drink to celebrate the holiday, I want to be able to make a BIG margarita.

Nice, but I’ve got my sights set on a REAL BIG margarita …

Now that’s what I’m talking about. There’s someone who really gets into making margaritas … literally! But I can’t do that outside in winter. National Margarita Day would be better for me 6 months later on August 22nd. On second thought, we do have an unfinished side to our basement with a floor drain, not that a drain would be needed.