El Gourdo

I see in Vermont that they have grown a huge zucchini.

I think that’s great. If you read the article and watch the embedded video, you will learn the grower thinks the perfect weather and soil contributed to the enormous size of this gourd. But then it gets a little weird. There is a little extra the grower provides …

The grower says, “Ask my wife, I go down there in the morning, got to talk to it of course. And then at night is when I take care of it.” The talking to it is odd enough, but what I want to know is what he means by “take care of it.”

Maybe that’s the problem with my gourd. I didn’t plant it. I think it just sprouted in the garden from a pumpkin seed. Take a look …

Yes, I know it’s small. I’ve heard that before. Maybe the difference is that I have never spoken to it or “taken care of it,” whatever that means.

I hope it is a pumpkin. I can’t wait to carve it. Does anyone know where I can get a micro-knife?