Uncivil Behavior

I fear that if Trump is re-elected, there will be a civil war in this country. For that reason, I have decided to carry a weapon. Ironically, I have taken Trump’s words to heart and will acquire the weapon he fears the most. No, not truth. Not Nancy Pelosi. Not guns. Listen for yourself …

That’s right, Trump fears soup. Therefore, I’m packing Campbell’s now …

I’d like my twelve year old daughter to learn to defend herself, but I don’t want her messing around with dangerous cans of soup. I’m going to do my best to teach her self-defense using these starter soups.

You may laugh (I hope!), but I’ve seen tbe damage that soup can do. Just take a look at Melanoma’s dress after getting drenched in a tomato bisque.

I suppose if I am a liberal Democrat, I probably shouldn’t use Campbell’s soup, but …

And with the effects of Trump’s frontotemporal dementia being more and more visible for all to see, maybe this soup is more appropriate.


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