A Job Fur Her

My wife works at a school, and there are big questions as to what school will look like in the fall. Maybe like this classroom in China with kids in masks and with social distancing hats on …

School in China

If there is no in-school classroom, my wife may be out of work. We just don’t know at this time. Taking matters into her own paws, our dog got my wife a job offer today by looking like this …

Lola shaggy

She went to the groomer today looking like this after being weeks overdue for a cut. But she doesn’t look so bad. In fact, the groomer said that she looked great compared to the poodles and various doodles they have recently seen since reopening. That’s because my wife and I wrestled with her for 3+ hours a couple weeks ago to give her a puppy cut. She looked good enough that the groomer told me to send my wife in to start immediately as a groomer. My wife declined. She doesn’t know what’s good fur her.

Meanwhile, our dog came out looking good and scored extra points with me for getting a job offer for my wife. Good dog.

Lola chic


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