Party Time!

I had sort of forgotten about a book of short stories being published with one of my stories in it until I got an email with an invitation to a Book Release Party! I imagined getting fitted for my tuxedo for the event. Leave it a bit loose in the crotch for dancing.


Visions of my red carpet arrival danced in my head.

red carpet

Yes, thank you, I’ll have a drink from the champagne fountain.

champagne fountain carrey

On second thought, maybe I’ll wait until they get the champagne tower finished.

champagne tower

Oh well, as long as there are appetizers. Crowd closer, boys. I can only reach so far.


And then I read that the “party” would be held in a meeting room in a public library. Sounds like a blast.


Maybe I’ll bring my buddy, Dewey Decimal, and at least I’ll have someone to be quiet with. I’ll let you know.




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