New Music for Old Rockers – Acronym Edition

I’ve never been much of a Radiohead fan. I like some of their stuff and respect them as artists, but their music has never been fun enough for me. God, that makes me sound so shallow, so I guess it’s fairly accurate. Along comes Radiohead’s guitarist Ed O’Brien with a new EOB album called Earth to be released in April, and I’m having some musical fun with this EOB single just released this month. Take a listen …

I love the slow layering of tracks over the first 2 minutes of the song. Then the tune heats up, cools off, heats up, cools off, heats up, and finishes as layered tracks get stripped away to nothing. It’s not exactly a sing-along song, but this blogger’s toe was a-tappin’.

And if you want more EOB … Here’s a single from his upcoming album he released back in December of last year. It’s not as catchy or toe-tappy, but really a pretty song with a twist in the second half.

After being a gentle, acoustic, lyrical number for the first 3 minutes, it takes a musical left turn for a mostly instrumental second half augmented with some chanting. More of a musical event than just a song. The April album should be interesting.