Time for a New Phone!

I’m starting to think about getting a new cell phone which means that I should get one within the next 2 to 3 years. I tend to take my time on big decisions like that. The hot new phones on the market are flip phones. Wait, what? Didn’t we do flip phones already? Ah, but these have foldable glass, like the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

samsung flip

I got news for Samsung. Glass doesn’t fold. If it did, I wouldn’t have a nasty scar on the bottom of my foot from when I stepped on a fish bowl. Long story.

And isn’t it going to be hard to touch those icons that are in the fold unless you have tiny fingers?

Samsung galaxy flip

If we are going back to flip phones, how about we go super-retro back to a rotary cell phone?

Cell phone rotary

Yes, it actually exists, and can be yours.

Full plans to make your own are available here on this New Hampshire woman’s website. She sounds like a real smarty-pants. Definitely from New Hampshire as she has their “Live Free or Die” motto on the phone’s PCB that is showing …

Cell phone rotary top

And on this thingamajig inside …

Cell phone rotary ePaper screen

Didn’t she miss an opportunity here? How about Live Free or Dial?

I do like the curved ePaper screen to display calls and more …

Cell phone rotary screen

Considering I don’t want to pay over $1000 for a flip phone with “foldable” glass, and my eyes glazed over when I started to read the instructions to build the rotary cell phone, maybe we’ll expand that window to 3 to 5 years until I get a new cell phone.