A Concerted Sales Effort

I saw an online notice of tickets still available for sale at our local concert venue. I was very surprised seeing this one. I would have lost a “Dead or Alive?” bet on Paul Anka.

Arcada d

That’s a lot of cash for a ticket to see an old guy I thought may be deceased. Of course, he may think the same about me. I have doubts some days myself.

I know these guys aren’t dead. I saw them give an excellent free outdoor show a few years back. But now they are just about selling out (just 2 seats left) with tickets for $180 each? What?

Arcada b

I do consider UFO as one of the most underrated rock bands from the 1970s along with Irish rockers Thin Lizzy. But $180 for a ticket? Here’s UFO performing “Lights Out” live …

It’s almost as I remember them performing on the streets of downtown Aurora, IL from a few years back, except completely different.

Although I enjoyed seeing UFO, I would not pay $180 per ticket to see them. I would perhaps pay $97 for this guy …

Arcada c

Not to pay $97 to see him. I would consider paying $97 to avoid seeing him. Same goes for these guys …

Arcada a

The only benefit from the Amazon currently burning is that I heard the Air Supply will disappear.

So no local shows on my agenda, but I am headed to St Louis on “business” later this month. I will make a concerted effort to see a concert.