Home Improvements?

After working in the garage all afternoon Saturday, I was tired when I came back into the house to take a shower and relax. Not so fast! My wife advised me that our laundry tub in the basement into which our wash machine empties may be leaking. And she had laundry to do. *sigh* She was correct on both. There definitely was a leak and she had laundry backed-up. As I poked around to find the leak, my finger did this …


I realized that duct tape was not going to help me this time. Off to the hardware store. I had some of the required parts, but I took that corroded metal monstrosity to the store to make sure I correctly purchased the other parts I needed.

The helpful hardware man was quite helpful, but I questioned his eyesight. As I gravitated to the plastic replacement parts, he asked me if I might like to use metal? Did he not see the huge corroded hole in the bottom of the metal trap? I made sure to double-check all the parts that Mr. Magoo recommended I purchase.

And thanks to recent home improvements, I can cross another item off my bucket list. After taking 3 hours to hang some vertical blinds over our sliding glass door out back, I decided that flipping a house may not be in the cards for me. Bucket list is one item lighter these days! Progress!