New Music for Old Rockers – Concert Preview Decision Edition

There has been lots of good new music recently, getting me ready for my planned summer concerts. Here’s a look at recent releases as I try and catch up a bit.

This first song is actually an old song sporting a new piano arrangement, and features a duet with a dead legend.

Sheryl Crow first released that song Redemption in 1996 and Johnny Cash subsequently covered it. Then they performed it together live in 2014.

This new version is as haunting as the song’s lyrics.

I’ve wept for those who suffer long
But how I weep for those who’ve gone
Into rooms of grief and questioned wrong
But keep on killing

I’ll try not to cry when I see Crow perform this in concert this July.

I’ll try not to dance when I see Beck perform this song in concert this July. Nobody wants to see that.

Hmmm, no music video yet, so maybe people would like to see me dance to this song?


Okay, maybe not.

This next song is a few months old off Hozier’s first full album, but this music video was just released in late April.

I love the sweet interplay between the gentle guitar and backing percussion. I haven’t heard this track get any airplay yet, but I expect it will now that the supporting video is released.

Now comes decision time for me. Hozier will be playing in St Louis on June 6th. That’s a good time for a business trip there for me. I can make that date work. However, a ticket will cost me well over $50. On the plus side, this theater does have assigned seats. However, seating choices are limited and I hate when people stand in front of me at a concert. On the plus side, Hozier is tall at 6’5″, so I still might be able to see him if people are standing. Another plus is that everyone at the concert gets a free copy of the new CD. However, my car does not have a CD player. I’m understandably torn.

I had originally planned to see the Strumbellas in St Louis the following week for $25. General admission, so no seats guaranteed and lots of people standing. However, I’m tall at just over 6’1″, so I should be able to see over most people. And while the first release off their new album did little for me, I sort of like this one featured in this just-released music video.

Can you imagine the clean-up after that filming? Anyway, the decision for me is whether I want to stand in a small venue for a cheap concert by a Canadian band, or if I want to sit in a pricey seat for an Irishman. I’m leaning to 6 Canadians > 1 Irishman, but I have decided to make my decision based on what works best for the purposes of my business trip. That would be a first. Stay tuned for the decision.




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