New Music For Old Rockers – Go With The Flo Edition

I normally try and find newer or more obscure new music for this recurring feature. This song by Florence and the Machine has been around since late January, and Florence Welch has been making great music with her Machine for well over a decade. I expect good new music out of them. While I have enjoyed this new single titled Moderation,  I just noticed something very unusual about this song. Take a listen and see if you can hear it, too.

Good song, but did you hear how unusual it is?

It is literally about half of nothing but Florence’s vocals and backing percussion. And it works! Her voice is just so incredible. I would say that she is the reincarnation of Judy Collins, but still-alive Collins may object.

I was going to comment on the lyrics, but why? They don’t really matter. I mean the chorus is simply the word “moderation.” Florence could sing the telephone book with just cowbell backing and I would listen.


That’s what I’m talking about. It would be so awesome with Flo singing, “Aalfs Jim, Aalfs Kara, Abdante Anthony” and so on with that cowbell accompaniment. Even better if it was Will Ferrell with a bare midriff on cowbell.

cowbell songs.gif

Excellent point, Will. It could make for a unique concept album. The biggest surprise to me was that I could still find an actual telephone book, albeit from 2017. Those are the actual names from the beginning of my phone book, except not the business names like AAA Aardvark Service. That would be weird to sing business names.

So I hope Flo reads this and considers a telephone book-themed release. I’d listen as long as she didn’t include the commercial listings. A chorus of “Acme Exterminators?” Please. Unlistenable.