New Music for Old Rockers – Smith & Thell Edition

There has been a lot of good new music released recently. I just haven’t been captivated by any of it to write about it. For example, I was excited to hear that the Lumineers dropped a new song called Gloria a couple days ago. Take a listen.

I like it, but … it sounds exactly like I would expect a new Lumineers song should sound. That’s not a bad thing. It makes my toes tap. It just doesn’t excite me. Does that make any sense?

Instead, I went all the way to Sweden to be able to introduce you to Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell, who coincidentally are in a band called Smith & Thell. What are the odds? Take a listen to their song called Forgive Me Friend that got my musical antennae waving.

Smith & Thell made an impact upon the Swedish music scene in 2017 with their debut album that didn’t even chart in Sweden. Their follow-up EP features Forgive Me Friend that went to #2 on the Polish singles charts. That’s right. It is huge in Częstochowa. It also charted in Sweden, and made the Alt Top 40 in the US.

I like the melody and general overall sound to the song. It reminds me a bit of the Mumford & Sons sound, but with better vocals and less banjos. Yay to both of those!

Now if you want to catch Smith & Thell in concert this summer, head on over to Swedish Lollapalooza in Stockholm this June. They will probably be headlining one of the dates.

Swedish Lolla

Oops, last line, even behind Markus Krunegård, whoever the hell that is. But before Becky and her Birds. Whew. Let’s just agree that I am getting everyone out ahead of the curve on Smith & Thell, who could eventually be as big in the USA as they are in Oświęcim, Poland.