Concert Concerns

Lollapalooza is one of the great annual music festivals in the world, taking place over 4 days on Chicago’s beautiful lakefront over the summer. Lolla Tip: Don’t wear flip-flops. It can get swampy even if it is not raining at that specific time.

Lollapalooza swampy.jpg

That may not be all rainwater. And if it does rain, well then, just go with the flow …

Lollapalooza dive

lollapalooza slide

Good times in one of the great cities of the world.

Lolla tix went on sale today, starting at $340 for 4-day access. That’s not terrible, except … not one performer has been announced. That’s like paying for a meal when you have no idea what will be served. That’s like paying for surgery when you don’t know what the doctor will remove. That’s like paying for an unknown digital book on Amazon, but possibly getting access to this blog instead.

I’m not going, but I have been inspired to propose a local concert festival. A friend texted me that his early voting location was changed from our local City Hall to the Public Library due to mold issues in City Hall. My oldest daughter had to move to a different school for a year when she was in high school due to toxic mold in her school. We live in a river town. Mold is sort of our thing.

So, how about we capitalize on that and host a summer music festival called Moldfest every year? I’ve got a great line-up of musical acts for Moldfest.

  • Bread
  • Colin Moulding of XTC
  • Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü and Sugar

I think Moldfest could grow on this community. And with that, here’s planned Moldfest headliner Bob Mould from his Sugar days to musically close this post with as close to a perfect pop song as has ever been crafted.