All summer long I was waiting for it. I would approach with anticipation, inspect it carefully, and walk away dejected. My broccoli was just not broccoling. It was certainly growing into a strong, tall plant. There was simply no edible head of broccoli growing anywhere on the plant.

Finally, now that the 2018 calendar has summer in its rear view mirror, my broccoli has decided to develop an edible head.

Broccoli 1

Mmmm, looks delicious, except here’s the problem …

It’s super tiny.

Broccoli 2

The edible portion is a tiny little head on top of a giant inedible plant. I am reluctant to show my wife that the broccoli is finally sporting a tiny head, because I think she will be like …


I know, size is not always important, but geez, my broccoli head is really small. Try not to spread that around please. I’ll let you know if my broccoli head ever gets bigger.

broccoli 3

I hate show offs.