What Happened to Truth in Advertising?

I’m not sure who came up with this terrible product idea, but this idea is so bad that they felt the need to label their product with advertising that is definitely false …

water box.jpg

If you prefer your water with a waxy carton flavor, then maybe you will like this boxed water and consider it better. I don’t. They do use the opposite side of the carton to list some reasons that boxed water is better. Nowhere do they mention the waxy carton flavor.

They do note that recycling these waxed cartons is more environmentally gentle than recycling plastic or metal, which is great! I can put them in my weekly recycling bin, right? Nope. Waxed cartons are not accepted in my community. But if you can easily recycle the cartons, and you like the taste of wax lips candy …

wax lips

then Boxed Water may be just the water for you.



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