My Business Trip Was Ruined

When I travel on business, I like to squeeze in a cultural or sporting event when I can. Keeping in mind that I was traveling to St Louis this week, I set my expectations low. How low? I was planning to stop at the J.H. Hawes Grain Elevator Museum in Atlanta, Illinois on my drive home.


Why? Well, because of the Woodbine Glass Museum, of course! I’ll explain.

When one of my children was attending college in Iowa in order to play football, catch passes and drop classes, I frequently drove past the Woodbine Glass Museum along the route I took to visit him.

glass museum

Architecturally stunning, but for some reason my fellow travelers always encouraged me to keep driving and not stop for a peek inside. If we had stopped, we would have seen amazing glass pieces like this …


That’s actually kind of pretty. Here’s another look inside …


OK, that’s not. Maybe my fellow travelers were right to urge me to drive past. We always seemed to be late for kickoff, and then here’s the other problem …


They closed at 4PM on Saturday, which was about when the college football game day festivities ended. What about the post-game visitors like me who were dying to drool over a nice piece of glass? The story and my dreams of beautiful glass end with my son transferring to another school and me never setting foot inside the Woodbine Glass Museum. I vowed not to make that mistake ever again.

As in the case of the Woodbine Glass Museum, the J.H. Hawes Grain Elevator Museum would call to me every time I passed it on my monthly driving trips between Chicago and St. Louis. I thought I could hear its siren song as I drove down to St. Louis a couple days ago, but it turned out to be an ambulance. Still, I knew I must visit on my way home. I meticulously planned my trip as I studied local dialects and bought a new pair of bib overalls to fit in with rural Illinois society. And then my trip was ruined …


That’s right, closed for the next 6 & 1/2 months. My mind swirled with options and questions.

  • Should I take a hotel room and wait?
  • Should I rent the Elevator for a private visit from me?
  • Can I return these bib overalls if I lost the receipt?

I chose to drive past, confident with the knowledge that someday that I will be back in order to listen to the clip-clop sound of horse hooves entering a wooden grain elevator.


And once inside, oh the wonders that I’ll see.


But until then, I’ve made the website my home page so I will never forget my almost visit to the J. H. Hawes Grain Elevator Museum.


Where do my cornflakes come from? For the next 6 & 1/2 months, from my dreams.






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