My Concert Season is Complete

We don’t get out much. 5 kids here if I haven’t mentioned it before. We always thought the older kids would take care of the younger kids and my wife and I would continue to have an active social life. That never worked out too well. When my oldest daughter (child #1) took care of kids 3 & 4, my youngest son (child #3) would routinely reduce her to tears. My middle daughter (child #4) is all grown up and would gladly watch our 9 year old daughter (child #5), but oops, she’s off to college, sorry. And so we rely on babysitters, which is not only expensive, but these days it is difficult to find a teen around here that isn’t busy on the weekends with an active social life that dwarfs ours. It can be an expensive chore to find a babysitter.

But this was a concert opportunity not to be missed. Seeing this concert would make my 2017 concert season complete. I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn’t take this opportunity to see …

Al Stewart.

blank stare

Yep, that’s the reaction I got from most people, including my wife. Maybe if I mention that this is the Al Stewart whose album Year of the Cat was a huge hit in 1976? Nothing?

It’s an excellent album that you can listen to here …

I really wanted to see Al in person, so we got a babysitter, but she was so young that we had to get a babysitter for our babysitter. You may be wondering why we just didn’t hire the second babysitter. Hey smarty pants, where were you when we were looking for a babysitter?

The concert was planned to be in a house, so I could see Al up close and personal. And what a house! This is just a portion of the house that I could fit onto my camera screen.

Lake Forest

I think if a house has a turret, it is guaranteed to be a great house, and it was. A great house usually means great food and drink, and there was plenty. And the show? Just incredible. Here’s a glimpse of Al Stewart playing my favorite song of his …

The show was excellent, and although we didn’t get a chance to schmooze with Al Stewart after the show since we had to rescue our babysitter(s), it was the perfect way to cap my 2017 concert season. Oh wait, we still have tickets to see the UK band Squeeze coming up in November.

blank stare1 Ugh, not again. I mean really, Squeeze!

shaking head.gif  No? Really? I give up.

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