Once again, my family saved me from being a big, pathetic loser

I should revise that title to “Once again, my family saved me from appearing to be a big, pathetic loser.” I don’t want to underestimate my ability to actually be a big, pathetic loser, but at least last night I did not appear to be one thanks to my family.

I had planned to see another concert last night.

Despite the featured pic for this blog post, I was not planning on seeing Belinda Carlisle or Smash Mouth. I have nothing against Belinda Carlisle and actually like her solo music and with the Go-Go’s.  But there is no possible way I would ever consider sitting through Smash Mouth singing “All Star” one more time before Belinda came on stage. Nope, not going to happen. I guess I could have timed it just right to arrive after Smash Mouth’s set and before Belinda’s, but that seemed like too much work, and I had smaller fish to fry.

No, I wasn’t planning to enjoy the music of either of those featured performers, but I did want to see the opening act for Smash Mouth and the opening act for the opening act for Smash Mouth. Despite not making the concert poster, there was mention of them on the website …

Belinda plus

Wait, what? The Hotels? No, that’s not right. That would be The Motels featuring the sultry vocals of Martha Davis. Shouldn’t the promotional website at least get all the performers listed correctly? Don’t remember The Motels? Maybe this will bring back some 1980’s memories …

Wow, that makes me all tingly inside. As for Bow Wow Wow, I have always had a sweet tooth.

But once again, we received an invitation out thanks to our youngest daughter. What will we do for a social life once our youngest child grow up? Oh right, I’ll be so old at that point that I just won’t care about anything except gumming soft food while watching Matlock reruns. And so we wandered up the hill to a neighbor’s house, crushing my concert plans into a fine dust under our feet with every step.

But how did that save me from appearing to be a big, pathetic loser? Let me see a show of hands that want to see The Motels and Bow Wow Wow run through brisk sets of 1980’s hits? Right, that would be none. I planned to go to the concert myself, sitting outside the general admission area, behind a privacy fence, listening to their sets and kinda’, sorta’ watching them if I can score a seat at one of the larger gaps in the privacy fence. I think that is the dictionary definition of big, pathetic loser.

I checked on setlist.fm and these two opening acts only do four or five songs apiece at these shows, so I guess I didn’t miss too much. Although saved last night from appearing to be a big, pathetic loser, I am confident that I still have it within me to be a big, pathetic loser. Oh look, there’s another outdoor concert coming up in September that I plan to see. Who wants to see Counting Crows? Hands? Where are those hands?

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