One of These Nights …

I’ve had a weird series of nights recently that have left me befuddled and very suspicious of nightfall.

Sunday evening, I went to a memorial service for a former neighbor who suddenly dropped dead at age 63. That’s too young. He was a good guy. The memorial service was held in a nature center nearby, full of turtles, snakes, fish and insects for people to view.


That wasn’t the weird part. That was very nice. What was weird was that his widow whispered to us, “Do it now.” I left wondering if she knows something I don’t.

Monday night I attended a surprise birthday party for a neighbor who was turning 80. He had a busy day, but not watching Matlock reruns and gumming soft foods. He had squeezed in a long bike ride during the day. I say “squeezed in” because he had celebrated turning 80 by doing 1000 push-ups throughout the day, starting with 50 at 2AM. I’m not sure I have ever done a total of 1000 push-ups in my entire life. At 80, he has a full head of hair, smooth skin and looks better at 80 than I looked 10 years ago. That was depressing, but not weird. On the way home, we happened upon a wet, dying baby squirrel. Of course, my wife took it in, dried and warmed it, and nursed it back to health for release in the morning under the tree where we found it.


I watched the mother squirrel gather it up and take it back up to the nest. It was weird having a squirrel in the house overnight. Some might even call it nuts.

Last night, I attended a wake for another former neighbor who died after falling down his stairs. Nothing else. He fell down the stairs, hit his head, and died. What is weird is that sometimes I momentarily “forget” how to walk down stairs. I’ll stop, and then resume. I may start sleeping on our couch on the first floor of our house.

I’m enjoying a nice sunny, warm day today. Night can stay away. I’m looking forward to a nice, normal evening staying inside my house … on the first floor.

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