What Goes On Underwater, Stays Underwater

I have a pond.

My nose is crooked because of the pond.

I still love my quiet pond place.

Am I crazy or did I just write some Haiku including a link to an older, but equally hilarious and actually quite graphic blog post?

Anyway, I do love my pond despite the permanent bump on my nose.


It is a peaceful place for me. You may notice there are fish in the pond.


They were just a few feeder goldfish I saved from becoming a meal for another animal, nothing fancy. But now there’s more! They had babies, I think multiple times since there are various sizes of a few young fish in the pond now. The largest new fish does not socialize much with the others. I finally figured out why. Here’s how you get baby goldfish:

  • Father chases mother around.
  • Mother lays eggs.
  • Father releases sperm to fertilize the eggs.
  • Father and mother both have cigarettes and discuss commitment.
  • Father and mother and others eat the eggs.
  • Surviving eggs hatch into what is called “fry,” the term for baby fish.
  • Father and mother and others eat the fry, mostly on Fridays.
  • That is how the term “Friday Fish Fry” originated.

Wow, I haven’t used the word “mother” so much since my last Mike Pence blog post.

Anyway, I think the term “parental cannibalism” explains fairly well the younger fish’s reluctance to socialize with its parents and others. That does not explain my children’s behavior towards me as their father … or does it???

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