Friend Helping Friend to Friend’s Money

It’s that time of the year again to get out the old lawn mower and fire it up, or hope to.


Yep, that was me yesterday except older, balder, and my neighborhood association bylaws forbid me from any lawn care without a shirt.

But finally, success …

mower smoking

I know, I know, smoking is bad for my mower’s health.

My friend said that he took his mower in again this year for a tune-up and it cost him $70. I could have easily saved him money. I would wipe his mower down quickly, gas it up, make sure it starts, and only charge him $50. No, I wouldn’t do any actual work or adjustments to the mower, but he just had it serviced last year so it should run fine, or at least fine enough for me to charge him. It’s a definite win-win. He saves 20 bucks and I pocket $50. That’s what friends are for.

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