Burning vs Streaming

I listened to my oldest son’s podcast which is a review of some new music releases. He and his co-broadcaster reviewed the new Future Islands release, whoever or whatever Future Islands are. I liked what my son had to say. I asked my son to burn me some of that new music onto a CD or copy on a flash drive so I could take a listen. I was shocked at his reply.

Nope. Won’t do it. Can’t do it. Apparently, he streams all his music now. I have a general idea how that works and have actually streamed music, but I am not sure how you can get all your music that way.

Regardless, he’s dead to me now if I can’t get any more mix CDs from him on Father’s Day. I am going to keep him in my will though, purely out of spite. I want to make sure he inherits some of my debt.

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