I Survived The Pool of Infectious Diseases

My wife made plans for us and our youngest daughter to enjoy a quick Spring Break getaway at a resort in my hometown. Although being over 50 years old and huge, the resort is still kept in pretty nice condition. I wish I could say the same about myself. There are many attractions the resort offers including a golf course, spa, comedy club, etc. But what the kids love are the 2 pools, especially the huge indoor/outdoor pool that is warm and inviting year round.

Here’s a look inside …


And outside …


This pool draws a lot of kids as they run like maniacs all over the outdoor deck even in sub-zero blizzard conditions and then cannonball into the pool. Save me a spot at the other 100% indoor pool, please. Oh wait, a pipe broke and it is out of service during our visit? Uh-oh. What that means is the indoor/outdoor pool will look something like this …

pool full

And that it did.  Everywhere I turned, a kid was there with a runny nose, watery eyes and hacking cough, including my kid. God only knows what was going on below the surface of the water. The pool is open from 6AM to midnight daily, so there were times that I could have enjoyed the pool when it wasn’t crowded, like from 6AM to 6:15AM and 11:45PM to midnight. Somehow, some way, the pool did not look like this at the end of the day …

pool gross

I definitely enjoyed the morning swimming better than the evening swim as the pool water did trend murkier as the day went on. Look, I’m no swimming prude. I am a huge fan of lake swimming. I lived in a neighborhood for about 20 years that featured a swimming lake that I enjoyed sharing with the fish, frogs and turtles, but almost no other humans swam there, maybe because although it was “natural,” it was definitely not clean. I learned that the hard way after some minor surgery. I ignored doctor’s orders and went swimming, and my stitches wicked-up enough filth into my surgical site to cause an infection and some uncomfortable swelling. How uncomfortable? I neglected to mention the surgery was a vasectomy. VERY uncomfortable swelling.

I’ll go so far to say that I love lake swimming so much that I drove out of my way on my way home from a business trip solely in order to stop for a swim in Lake Erie …


Doesn’t look too bad, except when it looks like this …

erie algae1

No, they didn’t dye Lake Erie green for St. Patrick’s Day. It just happens to be famous for algae blooms …

erie algae

I guess you could say that I don’t mind swimming in filth if it is natural filth, but not man-made filth from my fellow swimmers. Although I must admit that I will NEVER swim in Lake Erie again now that my 5 minutes of research on Lake Erie while gathering these images revealed that there are water snakes living in Lake Erie …

erie snake

Bye Lake Erie. It was nice to have swum your green waters, but never again.

At least at the pool, there were no snakes swimming or anything else floating on the surface of the water …

candy bar


However, there were unknown, dark objects on the bottom of the pool. I couldn’t stand it. I had to know. I steeled myself for an exploration into the 4 foot depths of the pool and grabbed one for examination. A leaf. Remember, this is an indoor/outdoor pool. Leaves blow into the outdoor part and eventually migrate to the indoor part. The bottom of the pool was certainly not covered in these “leaves,” but I could spot them here and there. I dutifully continued my parental obligations of water hi-jinks in the pool with my youngest child while repeating my calming mantra over and over again …

It’s only a leaf.

It’s only a leaf.

Nope, that’s definitely a band-aid.

It’s only a leaf.


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