Robot Wars

I was in the parking lot unloading groceries into my car when the car next to me started honking and flashing its lights. It wasn’t much. The lights flickered on and off a bit.


The car horn was more of a be – beep, rather than a BEEEEEEP! Nothing too ominous. Looks like they had installed a sophisticated motion-detecting security alarm on the vehicle. As innocuous as that may sound to you, I DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT. It was now a robot car, watching me, reacting to my every movement, wondering if it could borrow a cigarette from me.

This is obviously the next step that robots are taking before they start fighting back. I’m not sure if I had keyed the car that it wouldn’t have keyed me back. I reserve the right to walk by any  robotic device without having to endure its objections, warnings and requests to bum a smoke.

So I did what anyone in the Robot Resistance would do. I walked around the car for the next two and a half hours until its battery was drained from honking and flashing at me, got in my car, and drove away triumphant.

Jim 1 – Robot Car 0.