March in January

My plan was to march with my wife and two of my daughters in Chicago today at the Women’s March. I wish they did this two months from now so it would be the Women’s March March. I think that would make the march be more inclusive of stutterers and help swell the number of marchers even more.

However, it feels like March in Chicago today, and it appears that there will be a record number of marchers, with or without stutterers. Alas, I will not be marching as my wife took ill last night. I have concerns about succumbing to the same malady and definitely do not want to be on a crowded train going to or from the march without access to a bathroom. Even if there was a handy bathroom, no single bathroom can control this illness (suspected norovirus) that just a week ago put our sleepy Chicago suburb on national news due to the outbreak closing our local high school for days.

Although I can’t march today, my heart and spirit is with all women and all marchers today including one of my daughters, family and friends. Stay strong.

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