My World Turned Upside Down

I just learned that according to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, urine is not sterile. This so-called “journal” with the fancy-schmancy sounding name has just turned my world topsy-turvy. How so, you ask?

No longer do I have any idea what to do in case of a jellyfish stings. And now, what’s really the point of going to the beach anymore?

Next, Bear Grylls lied to me. It is hard enough to accept that an actor in a staged reality survival show lied to me, but now his drinking urine on the show seems almost pointless.

Bear Pee
I said almost.

Finally, what am I going to do with these 200 mason jars? Can they still be used for canning or pickling after I empty them?

My life now consists of more questions than answers. I always say that urine trouble when that’s the case.

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