Frost is my Friend

Even though it is Spring with daffodils blooming and Tax Day looming, we are still getting cold, frosty mornings, which I have decided is not such a bad thing for someone of my vintage.

At my age, seeing the clouds of my frosty breath in the morning is verification for me that I actually am still alive.


2 thoughts on “Frost is my Friend

  1. like, in the mooveez, inna scene which is supposed to be “cold” — and some movies we can actually see the actors’ breath, but recently i was watching a moovy (can’t rememberrrrr…) and there was a scene supposed to be cold but i didn’t see any actor’s breath. oh well. (awbvee(de)viously, i’m just ruminating. which is not unusual. sometimes i just sits, ya’ know.

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