Is My Dog Suicidal or Murderous?

He’s always looked somewhat depressed, even as a puppy.

But now, he’s acting out. The other night, in a effort to stem the tide of my winter weight gain, I went to bed without eating even one of the delicious chocolate brownies that my wife had made.

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This Isn’t a Funny Post

My critics will say that the title of this post can apply to just about any of my posts. In fact, I was just informed via Facebook from a relative (through marriage, thank God) that I am definitely not funny. Well good, then that will make this post easier to write.

There is a song in the movie MASH called “Suicide is Painless.” It’s not. It may be painless for the suicider or suicidee (I am not sure of the proper term to use), but it is certainly not painless for those that they leave behind. If I wanted to make this post all about suicide song titles (and I don’t), I would follow with R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.”

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