I Ate a Hairy Ball

I have been fascinated by hairy balls this past summer. I allowed some vine to grow in my vegetable garden, and it continually sprouted little hairy balls. And then they disappeared. I finally figured out that most likely the local deer visited and ate them. Once  I put 2 & 2 together (4, right?), I threw some netting over one of the fuzzy spheres and hoped that would give it a fighting chance to grow into Jim food rather than Bambi food. It worked! Soon I had one larger hairy ball hanging down.

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Fruity Thoughts From a Vegetable

The vegetable mentioned in the title would be yours truly. Now that summer fruits are so readily available, and my vegetable garden is harvestable, I have been having some thoughts about fruits and veggies that I feel compelled to share with you.

I love cherries. Two words for you … Ranier cherries. They are heaven. They are in season. Buy them. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

But I have a problem buying cherries. When I purchase cherries by the pound, I get charged for the pits that are discarded. That’s not fair. However, I do have a solution.

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