Surviving Day 2 of a National Emergency

Donald Trump sought refuge at what appears to be a very crappy omelet bar at Mar-a-Lago as the United States bravely somehow made it through Day 2 of our national emergency of not having a big wall that Mexico refuses to pay for.

Trump omelet bar.jpg

Trump made good use of his Eggsecutive Time to decide if he wanted ketchup on his omelet or not. Two bottles of ketchup at the Mar-a-Lago omelet bar. Classy.

But something is amiss in that picture. Take a another look.

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We at Jim Flanigan Looks at the World are exclusively reporting that supposed Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve revelers Donald and Melania Trump were actually their animatronic robot doubles from Disney World’s Hall of Presidents. Guests were tipped off to something being awry when Trump spoke in uncharacteristically complete sentences that made sense, and Melania exuded warmth, although that may have been from her robot’s CPU.