A Feline Laundry Edition of … Am I a Bad Guy?

I like to try and help out around the house when I can. If I see the remnants of a bowl of soup on the kitchen table, I’ll grab the spoon and rinse it off. If I see a pen sticking out from under the desk that it’s fallen from, I’ll kick it all the way under. If I see that the garbage can is full, I’ll let my wife know. I’m that type of guy.

My wife is fostering 5 kittens that are not yet litter-trained, so it’s been a challenge keeping up with all the smelly laundry. Consequently, when I saw a stinky laundry basket on the floor …

Well, how was I supposed to know that this load was hand wash only and air dry?

Am I a bad guy?

Editor’s Note: No kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Op/Ed Piece on … Am I a Bad Guy?

It was probably easy for readers to shout “Yes!” the last time I asked the question “Am I a bad guy?” I get it. I wanted my wife to not take in 3 week old homeless kittens found abandoned in a cardboard box in a parking lot so that I wouldn’t have to wipe down the shower after taking one. And the gif I used for the post was disturbing at best.

Well, just to put your minds at ease, here’s a quick video taken in my living room.

Cute, huh? And just the perfect size and weight for one of my favorite hobbies.

Am I a bad guy?