This Bugs Me

We have had incredibly warm weather in November this year. Can I get some applause and love for global warming please? Anyway, a result of the warm weather are bugs flying and walking around in late November. Now this warmth won’t last forever. Eventually, we will be blanketed in snow and immersed in frigid cold temperatures. These nascent bugs will soon be frozen solid which leads me to ask one question …

What were the bug parents thinking of having babies in late fall?


CO2? Pruitt Doesn’t.

Head of the EPA Scott Pruitt weighed in yesterday on whether CO2 emissions are causing global warming, “I would not agree that it’s (CO2) a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.” This is contrary to the EPA website that declares, “Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas that is contributing to recent climate change.”

Pruitt shared additional thoughts on CO2. “This so-called ‘invisible’ gas is supposed to be accelerating climate change? How can a gas we can’t even see cause that? How can we even be sure that such an alleged gas that we cannot see and cannot smell even exists?”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos responded by issuing a statement that she planned to do or say something really stupid to quickly regain the mantle of dumbest Trump Cabinet member. Although Pruitt really threw down the gauntlet with his CO2 position, we have complete confidence in Betsy.

Bad News? Maybe I’m Just Being Shellfish

Here’s some bad news from Popular Science …

If it is bad news, it is really “popular” science? Anyway, for those of you with an aversion to link clickage, the article basically says that warmer oceans create neurotoxins in algae that are eaten by shellfish that are not affected by the toxins, but then the shellfish could be eaten by us with deadly results. Great. Thanks, Obama.

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