Hard Review of Soft Candy

When focused, I’m a vegetarian. Like a 1960 Zenith black & white television relying on a rabbit ear antenna for reception, I tend to normally be out of focus. In unfocused times, I’m a lacto-ovo-vegetarian which means I also eat lactos and ovos, small mammals of the badger family. Normally I am a pescatarian, which means I eat what I want when I watch Joe Pesci movies. Sometimes I devolve into a scavengerian, which means I eat whatever my wife or youngest daughter refuse to eat because of taste, freshness or an abundance of mold spores.

For me, the health Holy Grail is to be a vegan. I’m not sure exactly what that means I can and cannot eat but will probably eat anyway due to being oh so weak, but I had to dip my palate into vegan waters (brrr, cold!) when I saw this product today on the shelf in the local grocery store …

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