Oil’s Bad That Ends Bad

One year ago, after a long & divisive presidential campaign, there was still one thing that united Democrats and Republicans … universal loathing of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Ruining the environment and desecrating sacred Native American lands had struck a bipartisan chord across the USA. We all opposed big oil sticking their pipeline where it didn’t belong, regardless of whether you listened to NPR or InfoWars.

Allow me to take you back one year ago …

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Oily Administration

It was a valiant effort, but all it took was an administration complicit with energy and oil companies for the DAPL to be connected and flowing. According to this Associated Press tweet, the Dakota Access Pipeline is now full of oil under Lake Oahe.


The question is not whether or not the pipeline will leak. The question is where and when. I find the AP tweet sadly quite prophetic when it starts with “BREAKING.”

Sorry, this post is neither funny nor satirical. I wish.