My Days Are Numbered

Yeah, that’s right, from 1 to 31, same as yours. I guess today is one of the special number days. I spotted this on Twitter.

To celebrate the occasion, on all the checks I write today, I plan to show the date as 9-21-21-21-21-21-21.

I guess tomorrow being an equinox is also a big day as the sun crosses the equator. We have cold and snow coming in the northern hemisphere, and down under in Australia, South America, and Africa, they get summer. I don’t think that’s fair. You never hear of southern hemisphere blizzards and unbearable temperatures during their winters. Sydney airport shut down because of heavy snow? Rio schools closed due to whiteout conditions and unsafe temps? Cape Town roads covered in ice and snow causing massive 50+ car pile-ups? No, no, & no. And they get super hot summers which I don’t think they like. I’m always hearing news stories with Aussies bitching about the sweltering summer heat. Maybe with just a slight adjustment to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, we could even things out a bit more. I mean, why have nuclear power and weaponry if we don’t use it to make necessary adjustments? We had 8 years with supposed progressives running the US from 2008 to 2016, but did they address it? No. Thanks, Obama.

Anyway, enjoy this 21 day today and don’t forget to send that special someone in your life “Happy Equinox” greetings tomorrow. By special someone, I mean me. In lieu of equinox salutations, I will also accept if you click this link to buy my award-winning book of short stories.

Just Say No(se) to Magnets

This Australian scientist, Dr. Daniel Reardon, tried to invent a device that keeps us from touching our faces during this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. His reward?

nose magnet guy

A visit to the hospital, magnets stuck in his nose, and a magnet down his throat. For full story details, Click HERE.

Here’s his hospital info upon discharge …

Nose Magnets

I think the last line is telling … Denies further magnets. I don’t blame him. He nose better now.