The Return of Me & Live Music to Chicago or How I Almost Made a Huge Mistake

On Good Friday last week, we took a drive to meet our oldest daughter on Montrose Beach in Chicago on Lake Michigan. It really is a beautiful beach. How can a beach in a city of millions of people be beautiful? I dunno, but take a look for yourself.

On our way there, we passed an interesting and familiar sight. I swore I had seen something similar to this on Twitter …

Upon closer inspection, I confirmed it was the one and only Great Lake Jumper (, also know as Dan O’Connor, who I follow on Twitter @TheRealDtox. Dan has been jumping into Lake Michigan every day since June of 2020 to raise awareness and money for music venues shuttered by COVID. Yes, even on days when Lake Michigan was frozen, Dan chipped a hole in the ice and jumped in.

It was my honor and privilege to be able to watch Dan jump live last Friday. But in addition to Dan’s jump, we also got some live music. Take a look …

I got to listen to the whole song which I like to think of as a mini-concert. They were nice enough to pose for a pic post-jump.

That’s a nice pic with the beautiful city of Chcago in the background. Now you’re probably wondering what my mistake almost was? Well, I want to jump with Dan. I asked and he is open to it. So, I came up with the crazy idea of promising to make the jump in April if I was elected. I thought maybe that could get a few more people to the polls. But I didn’t, and I am glad. I won without promising that, and now maybe I can delay my jump until perhaps a warmer day in May. Perhaps.